City of Masks: Oswald de Lacy Book 3

City of Masks: Oswald de Lacy Book 3
Kategorier: Hud, Maske
Brand: S D Sykes
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City of Masks: Oswald de Lacy Book 3 (S D Sykes): A brilliantly dark and compelling historical crime novel set in Venice from ’the medieval CJ Sansom’ (Jeffery Deaver)1358. Oswald de Lacy, Lord Somershill, is in Venice, awaiting a pilgrim galley to the Holy Land. While the city is under siege from the Hungarians, Oswald lodges with an English merchant, and soon comes under the dangerous spell of the decadent and dazzling island state that sits on the hinge of Europe, where East meets West.Oswald is trying to flee the chilling shadow of something in his past, but when he finds a dead man on the night of the carnival, he is dragged into a murder investigation that takes him deep into the intrigues of this mysterious, paranoid city.Coming up against the feared Signori di Notte, the secret police, Oswald learns that he is not the only one with something to hide. Everybody is watching somebody else, and nobody in Venice is what he or she seems. The masks are not just for the carnival.(P)2017 Hodder & Stoughton Limited