Don't Speak: 'A master of suspense' Sophie Hannah

Don't Speak: 'A master of suspense' Sophie Hannah
Kategorier: Varemerker, Parker
Brand: A. J. Park
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Don’t Speak: ‘A master of suspense’ Sophie Hannah (A. J. Park): DEVOTED HUSBAND… OR COLD-BLOODED KILLER?‘A.J. Park is a master of suspense’ SOPHIE HANNAHTHE ONE MAN SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD TRUST… When a teenage girl is found brutally murdered, DS Amelie Davis struggles to keep her own trauma from clouding the investigation. After suffering years of abuse at the hands of her father, Amelie has only ever trusted one man - her husband Edward. BUT HE MIGHT BE THE MOST DANGEROUS OF ALL. In the middle of the night, she receives a phone call from an unknown number. The voice at the other end asks:DO YOU THINK YOU KNOW YOUR HUSBAND? Suddenly, Amelie fears Edward is not the man she thought she knew. In fact, he might just be the killer she’s been hunting… ‘Tense, unsettling, and extremely well crafted’ SIMON LELIC