The Mask Falling

The Mask Falling
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Brand: Shannon Samantha Shannon
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The Mask Falling (Shannon Samantha Shannon): This is an ebullient, gloriously complicated fantasy […] the characters feel grippingly real. Shannon unravels her tangled tale in galloping prose, which will carry even the reluctant readers to the very satisfying end * Telegraph * Dark, embattled, highly wrought fantasy * Observer * Fabulous, epic fantasy thriller * The Times * Shannon has continued to build on this imagined world with intricacy, and Paige’s voice comes through to deliver a suspenseful story * Washington Post * Language as rich as a figgy pudding, the best terminology in the genre and gripping, edge-of-the-seat plotting to boot * Daily Mail * A rapid-fire wonder of a book * Marie Claire * Had me gripped as if in a vice, keeping me hostage among the 452 pages until the end, when I was left eager for the next book * Stylist * Dynamic and direct … There is an exciting breadth to Shannon’s world * Evening Standard * A dystopian thriller that delivers * Salon * A massive, intricate story … in [a] blisteringly paced plot * New York Magazine * Truly extraordinary and thrilling – Andy Serkis Slick and vivid … Gives the fantasy genre a refreshing lease of life. The Bone Season is enough to transport even hardened sceptics of the fantasy genre into its imaginative realm * Metro * The world is so carefully constructed […] weaved with lies and deceit and impossible to predict * Guardian * Easily the most politically engaged of any of the dystopian fantasies * Scotsman * Phenomenal … An unputdownable continuation of the saga * Waterstones, The best books to look forward to in 2021 * Fiercely intelligent and articulate, Samantha Shannon has been blazing a trail for a new generation of feminist fantasy authors * Grazia, The 30 Best Books We’re Looking Forward To Reading in 2021 * If the BBC are cautious about embarking on the new Pullman trilogy once we get to the end of the (brilliantly realised) original, then Shannon’s books - plucky heroine Paige, a repressive orthodoxy, a supernatural being, clairvoyants, low-life criminal gangs, exotic settings - would be a smart choice * The Scotsman, The Year Ahead in Books *